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The Unreached World

The Unreached World

Jesus commanded us to make disciples of all nations (Greek: ethnos, people groups) and to go into all the world (Mk. 16, Matt. 28). After 2000 years of great progress, 40% of the world (3 Billion people) still remain unreached. The majority of the unreached are Muslims.

Despite of this, less Christian missionaries are sent out for example to the whole Muslim world combined than to the less than 1 Million people of Alaska. Only 1% of all missionaries (4.200 out of 400.000) is sharing the good news with the 1.7 Billion Muslims. This means that there is only 1 missionary for every 400.000 Muslims (source).

The highest concentration of Muslims worldwide is found in the Arab World which is made up of the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf Countries. It is home to the most unreached 300 Million Muslims. From here Islam originated and was spread to 1.7 Billion people. Today the Arab World is still the center of Islam.

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The video above draws a clear picture. Christians on average give 2.5% of their income to any christian cause. About 6.4% of everything given to any christian cause is given to missions. In the end 0.16% of all money Christians earn goes to any kind of missions (source).

87% of these mission donations are actually used to do more evangelism in major christian areas such as the USA, South America, Europe and majority Christian African nations.  Totaling 99%, the remaining 12% is used in minority-christian areas that are still un-evangelized but no longer unreached.

In the end less than 1% of all money given to missions actually goes towards Missions towards the unreached. This is only a shocking 0.001% of the total christian income or $1 out of every $100.000 Christians earn. Meanwhile the number of unreached remains at 3 Billion people. 1.7 Billion of them are Muslims, including 300 Million unreached Muslims of the Arab World.

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Global Missions Resources

                                                                  About Arab World Mission

Our vision is to see the entire world reached. This will be accomplished by obeying Jesus his command to go into ALL the world, preach the gospel to EVERY creature and make disciples of ALL nations. We believe it is necessary for the Body of Christ to more actively work together and share resources in order to fulfill the great commission. We focus our efforts on the 300 Million Arab Muslims which is the core of the 1.7 Billion Muslims making up the majority of the unreached. The majority of the 3 Billion unreached people in this world are under control of Islam, and the Arab World is the backbone of Islam. Millions of Arabs coming to faith will therefore change the world. Our mission is to empower and challenge the Church in the North America and Europe to send and financially support 10.000 Arab missionaries to preach the gospel and plant churches in the Arab World. We believe this will lead to seeing the whole world reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom established.
Missionaries from Western churches and organisations have not seen much fruit in the Arab Muslim world. Arab missionaries on the other hand see much fruit, but there is little support for them. Unlike Western missionaries they don’t need years of language learning and cultural adjustment. Additionally they are working 5 to 10 times more cost efficient because where most Western missionaries are living of $2500 to $5000 per month, Arab missionaries are living of only about $500 per month. The most effective use of resources would be for westerners to earn a salary and use it to support one or multiple Arab Missionaries.
Behind Arab World Mission is a network of missionaries and organisations. Arab World Mission was founded by a missionary couple from Europe with combined experience of over 10 years in the Arab World. Arab World Mission is part of the official government recognized foundation ‘World Outreach Network’ in the Netherlands, Europe. In the United States of America we are represented by our official non-profit partner Kingdom Culture International 501(c)3. There is not a single benefit or salary for any of us involved. Apart from small fees to payment providers 100% of each donation go to Support Arab Missionaries.
We are the official representative and fundraising partner for the largest indigenous missions organisation in the Arab World with a track record of 20+ years. All Donations go to this organisation to financially support the thoroughly screened and trained Arab Missionaries in 15 Arab countries to preach the gospel and plant churches among unreached Arab Muslims. We are in personal contact with the trusted and verified senior leadership. Last year they saw 280+ churches planted and 2000+ people come to faith through the work of 135+ Arab missionaries. For $500 per month you can Send and Support a Missionary.
The only way we can send more missionaries is by working together as the Body of Christ. You are an important part of the Body of Christ and your help is needed to change the world. We challenge you to give between 1% and 10% of your income to missions to the unreached. Set Up a Recurring Donation Now. One time donations are also needed. Contact us for information about giving by check, bank wire information, organizing an offering in church, cash donations, doing a sponsor event, making us part of your will or other ways. Please contact us regarding questions you have, email:
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